Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elemental Hamstrology - Water

I was going to color this hamster-yellow (actually it's just CMYK yellow), but then I thought how it would look and ... well, the element of water is a bit pissy, but that would be going to far.

People born while it rains, at sea or in bath tubs are influenced by the meta-hamstrological element of water, which also afflicts their behavioural patterns, making them pissy, wet-towels, fluid, flexible, watery, wet-behind-the-ears and occasionally somewhat moist or damp.

Besides rainy weather, this elemental influxorium is also associated with people who like cabbages, since cabbages are the avatars of water of transcendental haemogyptian mythology, which obviously formed the basis of da Vinci's "study of a chair with dwarf hiding behind it," where we can see that he was not one of the illuminati, but in reality a pigeon-fancier and hamstrology-denier (that makes slightly more sense than the whole plot of the Da Vinci Code, so don't steal it).

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