Monday, June 29, 2009

Draws: The Hamster of Thor

And lo, the fatuous one said unto him, be gracious and ye shall receive the blessing of the Half-spirit Shark and the One-eyed squid!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sheep: Metalsheep and Direwolf

Rocking your chutzpah badge.

Sheep: Fetus of the Piano

Linus, Linus, where you been? Ran into the devil, loaned me 20 dollar bills. Set out running, took my time. Just might get some sleep tonight.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Draws: Aspera

Per aspera ad astram with feet of clay and meat not fey.

Sheep: Roadwerks

Just to let all road-lovers know, hell isn't coming just to Tolmin with the Metal Camp. It's also coming to our roads. Again. Like every summer. So every gosh-darned tourist and local travelling our oh-so-cheap (no-not-really) highways will be able to enjoy heavy traffic with a hint of jam on the way to the seaside.

So, please, if you are a tourist - avoid our highways. It will also save you money. And a hard job cleaning your windshield when you try to remove the toll sticker.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sheep: Tweet

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Sheep: 'Ello

'Ello Mr. Spaceman, 'ow do you do? 'Ow's this Earthship o' yours run, 'ow does it go? Where you flyin' to, whatcha gonna do? It's a pretty ship, I say, green and blue and mainstream white it flies, o' yea. Well, you enjoy your space, Mr. Spaceman, your dimensions four.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Writes: Lesbian Vampires etc.

Just wrote a short review of Lesbian Vampire Killers and got it posted here. It's in Slovenian, so if that's not your cup of Greek ... then that's not your cup of Greek. Basically it's a fun movie about lesbian vampires. It's not serious, rather, it is a magnificent parody of the entire genre. Enjoy it.

I decided to see it out of the sheer brutal ridiculousness of it's title ... and it's much better than the title suggests. It's the kind of fun that Snakes on a Plane should have been, but wasn't. So, enjoy this spoof of vampire-mania. Sex and blood, the essence of vampires, taken to its absurd conclusion.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sheep: A.I. Underground Votes

I didn't do my share. The machine plot is one voter closer to success. Woe, o woe ... if we lose all hope, we shall surely have to cede government to the machines. It's not like I'd trust humans to run us ... just look at the Kim-Jong dynasty Communist Absolutist Theocratic Monarchy of Korea (North).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maps: Untitled Rise-Set Map

This is a grand old map from way back, probably 2003 or so. It's more of a proof of concept thing, playing around with colours and high weirdness. An old map like this is like a half-forgotten fantasy tale. I suppose the core of the story are the lands at centre Left. The colourful continent probably called Iselwogan seems to be under assault by various sickly colours. Pink deserts, purple fungal growths and spore fields have infested Osmalska, Coluc, Kun and Niflum in the east. The multi-river Burwogan obviously serves as a key transport artery, connecting the still-living cities of Ovendony, Colbrachy, Kruchy, Mralvachy, Imly and Buchly, while the urban corpses of Soly and Chivry have been abandoned. A sole peak rises in the land of Sarle, probably a volcano, and it is called Bruk. The lands seem to be mostly grassland and swamp to the Set-Left of Iselwogan, with forests and mountains in the Rise-Right.

Across the Pehmswogan, I suppose that is the name of the sea, the island of Il Mu rises tao like, dark and forested Ulu in the Right, wet and swampy Kilim in the Left. On the lake Sikim the city of Mui stands, while on the lonely coast some kind of temple called Asu. South of Iselwogan the isles of Ilya Simnutu seem mostly deserted, while the lands of Bru and Rohoho battle against the blight. Particularly the fortress of Sandalafit seems almost an outpost. Beyond those lands are the red deserts of Mulas, Elras, Kums, Volas and Xums, which the inland sea of Zabay divides from a dead gray swamp-land called Gus. A city called Rum seems to live still on a peninsula, while across the bay from it the city of Zim is also ruined. Risewards of Zim the mountain fastness of Kehemehe still stands, while just Setwards of Sandalafit there is some famous purple-peaked mountain called Cruchindama.

Between this half ruined land and the fully blighted realm of Vobang is a desert isle called Humholm, home to the city of Po Onholm. Vobang seems to suffer some kind of pizza infection, or maybe a blight similar to that of the Baron Harkonnen's face in the Dune movie. However it may be, all its cities are ruined, including the massive crater-ruin of Dunholm at its heart.

Meanwhile, Risewards of Il Mu the isles of Ilya Hurat seem rather peaceful and home to a small colourless town called Hury. Further Rise-Right are the full cursed lands of Obly and Hahrikni. I can hardly imagine what happened there, but it looks sickly, with bright purple sprouts in Obly and towering blue spiral structures in Hahrikni. Both towns of Hahrikni, the trading post of Tomsa and the metropolis of Ham Tuntabullo are ruins.

Between Vobang and Hahrikni are the twin-blighted lands of Twumla and Bifruk. Twumla seems to suffer from some kind of vast fungal growth, perhaps necrotic, centred at a blue shining pyramid called the Ntwua. Bifruk on the other hand is covered in some kind of purplish spores, Zerg-like, emanating from the volcano of Lambu and having overwhelmed the city of Ovlemy.

The sad thing is that this bit of doodling probably has more story in it than most fantasy literature. Like that set of bricks called Wizard's First Rule, or whatever. God, that's awful.

Sheep: Motivator

Ever feel like you need a push to get going? Try our patent new head-replacement unit. Upgrade your CPU and turbocharge your life! Join the power class and leave the rat race behind! Building a higher octane future together!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sheep: Aphid

The Aphis ovidii is a vicious predator of leafy shrubs and shrubby trees, devouring the flesh of plants and fungi alike, gorging itself on their vital fluids. Its society is brutal, nasty and short, reaching less than two metres in height. It has no culture to speak of, save a fondness of spike-tongued gossip and a love of tit and nit-picking. The wool of the Aphis ovidii is weak, unkempt and rough, like the hair-shirt of the masochist and follock. It uses its horns to stifle debate and get its points across, while it wears buttons over its eyes to ensure it sees only the truth of all matters as decided by their sap-suckling Godling and God in tandem with the Wooly ghost. Life for the ovidii is thus a joy-sapping, dulling drudgery of sucking and tucking into plant matters and matters of woolyism.

Sheep: News 2

Of course you know what this means. Hoomans are going to run out of

Sheep: Perspective

Nobody can understand how you really feel.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Human: Well-being

A broad definition from Matthews and Iziquerdo (2009, 5) Pursuits of Happiness (emphasis mine):

"Well-being is an optimal state for an individual, community, society, and the world as a whole. It is conceived of, expressed, and experienced in different ways by different individuals and within the cultural contexts of different societies: different societies may have distinctly different culturally shaped visions of well-being. Nonetheless, well-being bears a degree of commonality due to our common humanity and interrelatedness over space and time. Well-being is experienced by individuals - its essential locus lies within individual subjectivity - but it may be considered and compared interpersonally and interculturally, since all individuals live within particular worlds of others, and all societies live in a common world at large."

Please remember these two bits:

1) The individual/s is/are the only measure of well-being.

2) There is no way of knowing/measuring how an individual is truly feeling/being.

Onwards Rocinante, to glory, to defeat the windmills of ill-being.

Sheep: Know Belief

The knowledgeable sheep are striped for easier discrimination.

Sheep: Relactivity

I ran out of space with the y. Just goes to show, 'y' is often an irrelevant question. To wonder 'y' is to run circles of 'because'.

Sheep: Lies

Our perceptions are locked away from reality. Thus it is not the case that they are sometimes lies. They are always lies, and never, for there is no way we can measure our own perceptions. We are our measure and thus we are no measure. Truth and lie collapse and we are left with guesswork, approximation and falsification. The language of reality leads to error. The language of truth even more so. Whoever claims to apprehend how things truly are is the victim of delusion or stupidity.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maps: Turalia

More meditative mapping ... this time with little heraldic symbols and whatnot.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009