Friday, December 10, 2010

Dying For Ideas

This one is kind of tiny ... you should click on it and make it bigger and grow-ier [larger is so passé].

It's a funny thing, as soon as an idea becomes clear to you, it suddenly becomes much less appealing to really devote yourself to it. I wonder how many priests *really* understood the vast weirdness of the virgin postpartum state of the virgin before they became priests. More to the point, I doubt any suicidal maniac dying for his religion really realizes that the probability of receiving 70 flesh and blood permanent virgins in his after-life is absurdly low, even positing that an after-life of which we have 0 knowledge exists. More to the point, looking at the age of the suicidalists, I wonder how many of them realize that permanent virgins are not as much fun as women who actually know what they're doing ...

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