Friday, December 17, 2010

Dog Eat State

In our beauteous banana republic of Slovenistan [sic] it's sometimes impossible to not run up against the case of the transsexual dog-fucking doctor who's friend, the corrupt possibly-perverse husband-of-the-ministress of the interior helped keep the anthropophagous dogs alive, so that they could eventually kill the afore-mentioned doctor while afore-mentioned doctor was possibly engaged in bestiality (I'm just covering my ass here, he was found dead and chewed up with a dildo and condom that had human and dog blood on it). Along the way the story involved the ministries of agriculture and justice in the stew, and what this means is that ... Slovenistan is the perfect place to have a dog (if you're rich and influential), since you get to feed it on prime cut-of-law. It's no wonder we're facing a total collapse of public confidence in our country. We should just shut up shop, sell the country to the Austrians or the Habsburgs and give up trying to let our politicians rule us, since they're slightly-less-than-competent.

Anyway, this article reminded me of the topick.

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