Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dailyish Flatlands 36 and 38

A double issue, backwards and forwards in time! On the one hand, the fascinating history of the laufsmachine, velocipede and boneshaker, on the other hand, Richard the Third - not a Flatlander, as is obvious from his partly erect posture.

Back on the topic of brick roads, I can understand that it actually makes a lot of sense - you don't destroy the road surface to lay cables and pipes. You merely move it aside, do your work and put it back. However, coming from a region completely bereft of brick roads, I have to admit I find them positively Harappan. Or Sumerian. Perhaps the Flatlanders should upgrade them into a sort of national library, by stamping bits of information of them. Then, should the civilization collapse, future generations would have handy access to both knowledge and building materials in their very roads!

And now, a modern, reconstructed, laufsmachine:

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