Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Social Science Fail

It's kind of that time of year again in Slovenia - well a bit late, I suppose, but never too late - when a new batch of high schoolers get to choose what they are going to study.

Avoid social sciences. Avoid them. Like the plague.

They will teach you hardly anything useful, and definitely nothing you couldn't pick up on your own. They won't give you a job and it's highly unlikely they will let you do something you enjoy. And they definitely contribute very little to society as a whole.

My advice? Pick something you like doing and study something related to that. Except social sciences. That's not related to doing anything. It's just an excuse for not knowing what to study when you finish high school. Sort of like theology, but for a different church.


  1. Good point. My suggestion: go and study abroad. Where social science will teach you something that is actually useful

  2. Quite possibly. If you absolutely have to study SS (notice the funny "coincidence" with the initials?) ... go abroad. Here, in Laibach, they won't be able to teach you much about statistics or methodology, which are some of the few actually useful skills.

    They will attempt to indoctrinate you with a lot of psychoanalytic poppycock and neomarxist drivel, which will make you feel angry with the world and absolutely incapable of actually doing anything useful.

  3. Heh, good one :)
    Pa vseeno mislim, da cilna publika, kateri je namenjeno tole sporočilo, žal v večini ne spremlje tvojega bloga.

  4. Je v redu ;) počasi bo tudi spremljava se razširila ...