Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some demon whispered "Have a purpose..."

Also, just have to draw attention to a post at the official Slovenian Radio and TV website asking "Where Neanderthals the first Metrosexuals", which is just about the most pathetic, tabloidy coverage of the discovery of neanderthal body paints (the author of the aforementioned article calls them "lipstick") I've yet seen. Of course the post isn't even original, a google search on neanderthals and metrosexuals brings up the Daily Mail article on the same topic from one day before. So we have the example of a "journalist" K. S. basically plagiarizing/summarizing a day-old Daily Mail article, down to the rather bad "joke" in the title, all without referencing the original article. Now, I wouldn't care, but this is a frikkin' state owned broadcaster and website, so this frikkin' hack is getting paid out of our fine Slovenian taxes and TV contributions to _plagiarize_ drivel.

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