Sunday, June 7, 2009

Human: Well-being

A broad definition from Matthews and Iziquerdo (2009, 5) Pursuits of Happiness (emphasis mine):

"Well-being is an optimal state for an individual, community, society, and the world as a whole. It is conceived of, expressed, and experienced in different ways by different individuals and within the cultural contexts of different societies: different societies may have distinctly different culturally shaped visions of well-being. Nonetheless, well-being bears a degree of commonality due to our common humanity and interrelatedness over space and time. Well-being is experienced by individuals - its essential locus lies within individual subjectivity - but it may be considered and compared interpersonally and interculturally, since all individuals live within particular worlds of others, and all societies live in a common world at large."

Please remember these two bits:

1) The individual/s is/are the only measure of well-being.

2) There is no way of knowing/measuring how an individual is truly feeling/being.

Onwards Rocinante, to glory, to defeat the windmills of ill-being.

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